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Proofreading professionally since July 2011, I edit grammar with a focus on making writing easily understood rather than out of adherence to arbitrary and often apocryphal guidelines (for example, most if not all stylebooks will tell you that it's perfectly acceptable to end a sentence in a preposition. Enjoy!). I began seeking this out sometime in 2009, when my frustration with my job was beginning to build rapidly and I was reading a very well-written but poorly edited magazine. Noticing so many errors within, I thought it might be a fun change of pace to make corrections for a living. Unfortunately, the magazine went out of business before I could volunteer, so I began looking for any other publication that might be willing to take in an amateur to work for free. Many publications were reticent to my offers (including the one to whom I pointed out an error in their own address listing, which still had not been corrected as of July 27, 2013), so I thought to go freelance after far longer than it should have taken me. I have since proofread students' assignments, newspaper articles, websites, novels, law books, and college textbooks on a variety of subjects.