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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you?
Very well, thanks.
How much will it cost?
All proofreading projects are a minimum of $10. Anything over 400 words will be charged at a rate based on the total word count, given in the table on the home page. My standard policy is to not include things like the title page and index in the word count, but you can certainly specify what should and should not be proofread from the beginning.
Can I send you a local check?
I can only accept payments through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account of your own, you can pay with a credit card through the PayPal website.
When can you start?
This will always vary: I can usually begin smaller projects by the next business day, but it's always best to give me as much notice as possible.
What is the fastest way to reach you?
Generally, the only way to reach me is by email, boisproofreading@gmail.com. I can't always reply right away, but I do check my email multiple times daily and make an effort to respond to all emails within twenty-four hours.
Can you write a 50 page term paper if I provide you with instruction. [sic]
Probably, but I won't. I don't write papers; I proofread them. Do your own damn homework. I will give you a few tips, though: hyphenate "50 page," and you generally want to end questions with a question mark.
Do you work on Sundays?
Sometimes, depending on my schedule and the project, but I typically proofread on weekdays only. I ask that you consider the length of your paper and how quickly you need it back when contacting me. That said, I actually have a lot of fun proofreading (I don't find it any less weird than you do) and will always try to fit it in where I can.
Would it be possible to show me the errors on the side in red?
Actually, when proofreading a Word document, I use the Track Changes feature, which highlights all the changes I make in red. You can then navigate through the changes and review them before accepting them so that you can make sure that I haven't inadvertently altered the meaning of your writing. I also leave comments in boxes on the side if there's anything that requires you to make a judgment call or if I just have a suggestion. Fortunately, if you trust my work implicitly or are entirely uninterested in any suggestions I make, all changes can be automatically accepted and all comments deleted with just a couple of clicks.

Have questions of your own? Email me at boisproofreading@gmail.com to ask about anything you want to know.