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I'm trying to figure out a simple way to set up a form on this page, but if you would like to leave feedback without waiting for me to bring my understanding of HTML to the current century, email me your testimonial with "Feedback" in the subject line along with your name (your name doesn't need to be included in the review itself; it is only so I can confirm that we've at least corresponded at some point). I will copy what you write and directly paste it onto this page as long as it meets the following three criteria:
  1. You've at least contacted me at some point about proofreading work.
  2. Your testimonial is factually true; whether your opinion of me is positive or negative will not determine whether it's posted.
  3. Your testimonial is actually relevant, meaning that it's about my proofreading, the quality of my communication, et cetera. I am interested in hearing about my skills as a cocktail waitress, but this isn't the place for it.
My feedback for proofreading jobs performed through Elance:
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Testimonials from previous Bois Proofreading clients

"I would recommend that everyone try Mr. Adam Bois’s proofreading services." —Submitted June 20, 2013
"has really been able to find errors that I, myself, can't find" —Submitted March 27, 2013
"he is not only an amazing editor, but truly has a passion for his work." —Submitted January 16, 2013
"I thank Mr. Bois and recommend his services to anyone who needs some editing help." —Submitted October 29, 2012
"very dependable professional" —Submitted September 23, 2012