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Testimonial received September 23, 2012

My name is Ms. Anissa Butler. I am an online student at Kendall College majoring in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Special Education. I had the pleasure of using Mr. Adam Bois proofreading services. Mr. Adam Bois is truly an amazing person who is very dependable professional, and detail in proofreading his clients’ papers. Mr. Bois responses back to me in a timely manner, and he is always available for any questions. I received my assignments back on time to submit to my professors.

I went searching for someone to proofread my assignments. I am not very good when comes to English, and writing along with correcting my papers. I begin searching for someone on Craigslist in the writing and edit section. I read Mr. Adam Bois’s ad on Craigslist so, I decided to contact him. Mr. Adam Bois and I began to correspond with each other about his services. He agreed to make me a client started proofreading my college papers.

I was unable to find an assignment that night Mr. Bois email it to me. I was really stressing about not being able to find the email. I email Mr. Bois about my situation he was able to resend me the assignment. Mr. Bois had saved my assignment I was able corrected my paper send it that night. I was so relieve the assignment was sent back to me the same night.

The classes I taking at Kendall College was taking EDU 402 Best Practice in Diversity Classroom and EDU 403 Early Literacy classes in the summer quarter. I received a “B” in both classes. I hope you will try Mr. Bois’s professional proofreading services for all your educational needs, and professional needs. I am completely satisfied with the services Mr. Bois provided to me.

Ms. Anissa Butler

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"I would recommend that everyone try Mr. Adam Bois’s proofreading services." —Submitted June 20, 2013
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