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Previously Asked Questions

How are you?
Very well, thanks.
How much for each page?
The first 3,000 words I proofread for you each month are free; this works out to about 10 pages free based on an average of 300 words per page. After that, I charge 1 for every 2 words (rounded down in the case of odd totals) until the beginning of the next calendar month, at which point I will proofread another 3,000 words free for you.
Can I send you a local check?
I will be moving to a different part of the country in the near future, so I will only be accepting credit card and cash payments made through PayPal until I can get myself permanently set up in my new home.
When can you start?
The short answer is as soon as you send me your document. I naturally can't always begin work immediately, what with my nasty tendency to leave the house on occasion, but I often begin (and sometimes complete) work the day it's sent and send notice if for some reason I can't begin right away.
What is the fastest way to reach you?
Generally, the only way to reach me is by email, boisproofreading@gmail.com. I check my email very frequently, so I usually respond within a few hours or, if the file and all necessary information are included in your email, within a day with the finished product.
Can you write a 50 page term paper if I provide you with instruction.
Probably, but I won't. I don't write papers; I proofread them. Do your own damn homework. I will give you a few tips, though: hyphenate "50 page," and you generally want to end questions with a question mark.
Do you work on Sundays?
Yes, although I can no longer accept jobs at a moment's notice. This is mostly directed at the local college students, but I ask that you consider the length of your paper and how quickly you need it back when contacting me. That said, I actually have a lot of fun proofreading (I don't find it any less weird than you do) and will be happy to do it at just about any time.
Would it be possible to show me the errors on the side in red?
Actually, when proofreading a Word document, I use the Track Changes feature, which highlights all the changes I make in red. You can then navigate through the changes and review them before accepting them so that you can make sure that I haven't inadvertently altered the meaning of your writing. I also leave comments in boxes on the side if there's anything that requires you to make a judgment call or if I just have a suggestion. Fortunately, if you trust my work implicitly or are entirely uninterested in any suggestions I make, all changes can be automatically accepted and all comments deleted with just a couple of clicks. Unless there is some real potential of my changes altering the meaning, I always explain how to do this when returning your file so that you're not obligated to do any extra work.

Have questions of your own? Email me at boisproofreading@gmail.com to ask about anything you want to know.

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